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Privacy Policy

Client Data

Users must agree that may use the user information shared to connect with the user and provide the information according to the user's interest. uses the information provided by the user to provide the best experiences in terms of consulting services or the services of the user's area of interest to the user whenever they visit Certainly, compiles all of the information provided by the user in terms of their Personal Information, Professional Information, Date of Birth, Area of Interest, Experience, and Location For the most part, it will be founded on your advantage, gives regulatory admittance to sees, or perhaps convey open for you to use on the site

By accepting this policy, you agree to receive occasional communications from that are informative and promotional. Also, we know that if you don't want to receive this kind of information, you can always unsubscribe from the shared information by selecting the unsubscribe option in each communication.

In most cases, we do not disclose any of a user's personal information to anyone if the user does not consent to the disclosure of their information. When a user makes a request on the Platform, they are free to control and manage all of the information they have access to, deciding how much of it they want to show and how much they want to hide. Clients need to grasp, that when they deliberately share, Flow or notice data about them like (Email ID, Portable Number, and so forth) in such case these common subtleties can be gathered and utilized by different stages. This might prompt spam messages, Messages, or Messages for which won't going to be mindful anyway anyplace at all.

In addition, the user must be aware of this when navigating from any of their affiliate or third-party websites. must, in such a scenario, provide the user's information and data to that affiliate or third party. The affiliate will use the data in this situation in accordance with their own policy, not this one

In the event of a legal proceeding, as required by law, the state or federal government, or for any other reason, may disclose limited user information to a specific individual in order to obtain support from the government to secure or safeguard or the various users who are available on In addition, in the event of's acquisition, merger, joint venture, ownership transfer, or bankruptcy, the user's information may be shared with a third party.

Secure Transaction follows the Total Encryption process for a completely safe exchange from Mastercard/Check Card/NEFT or some other Computerized instalment Technique. uses 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the highest level of SSL encryption currently available to our customers. SSL - "Secure Attachment Layer" just intends that there is a finished start-to-finish scrambled correspondence made between the server and your program which is utilized for a solitary specific meeting. The key encrypts the entire communication between the server and your browser once this communication is established.

Promotion and Advertising

When a user visits our website, we use Third-Party Advertising Companies to serve advertisements in order to promote and advertise on it. The data relating to your visit to our website may be used by these third-party businesses. so that we can advertise and promote the goods or services that you are interested in on our website.

What you Need to Know cannot guarantee that any of your private communications or information will never ever be shared in ways other than those outlined in our Privacy Policy. Therefore, while we are committed to safeguarding your private information, we cannot guarantee that it will always remain so. As a user of our website, you acknowledge and agree that you bear all responsibility and risk for your actions both on and off our site, as well as for the documents you post and access thereon.

Essential Contact Data of The Client

It will be clear under each piece of information you provide on our website which information will be visible to other users and on our website.

Data Given by The Client to Us

Generally, to utilize our foundation and administrations on clients need to sign in to their Record. In such instances, we require a few personal details (name, email, phone number, date of birth, gender, and Aadhaar number), Capability, GPS Area, Area, Country, Area of Interest, Counselling Regions, Interest, enthusiasm, And so forth.) and professional information (such as experience, recent employment, and other details)

We may use the information supplied by the user in order to guarantee an excellent and enhanced personalized experience for all visitors to

Specifics for Use

In order to comprehend the user's behaviour and usage pattern, we at observe, track, and collect information from the action the user takes.

The rundown of data that we accumulate is like — When the application is introduced When the First re-energize is finished, the recurrence of re-energize, how long the client is spending on, What all counselling administrations the client is keen on, GPS Area, Rating of the client given to the specific Soothsayer for the counselling administrations, And so on.

Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence will be used to process this information later to ensure self-recommendation and enhanced user experience based on our users' usage patterns on DETAILS ABOUT THE DEVICE AND LOCATION: collects device-specific information like the IP address, unique device identification number, and mobile network information, among other things. also, connect these subtleties gathered with their Client Record ID.

Storage Local

Along with the access Camera (for calls and video calls), Microphone (for voice calls), Location (for best connectivity), Network Details (for better services), Gallery (for images and videos), Recording (for calls and video calls), and Messages (for chat), we store cache memory in the user's device.

Cookies, Caches, and Similar Technologies

When user browses's Web App or Mobile App, we store and collect information about them using a variety of technologies. This information may include cache, cookies, and other technologies that are similar to them and collect data from the browser and devices for marketing purposes and providing the best possible experience. Users' consulting sessions are tracked and saved on our platform for many days without them having to log out.

Notification by the Browser

At, we use browser notifications to send notifications directly to the user's device based on their browser. The ability to enable or disable this notification at any time is included with the app.

Utilization of the Information Collected

At the utilization of the gathered data is for Promoting, Exploration and Improvement alongside Item Investigation to give the best client experience of the Application to the client. We may likewise involve the gathered data to give extra modified counselling content to the clients like — Inspiration, begin up Thoughts, Begin up Stories, Financial backer Updates, Articles about pioneers, and so on.

We may use user information in other areas of the platform to help users make the most of the Platform. In addition, in order to maintain consistency across all of's services, we may substitute multiple names associated with the user's Account. No one on our platform has access to a user's name, email address, contact information, professional information, personal information, or Aadhaar information.

After successful registration on the platform, each user will receive a unique user ID and will never be the same as another user.

The Astrologer will be able to see the user's Name (First Name / Last Name), unique user ID, location, country, language, photo, age, and profession for consulting purposes. Likewise, in the event that a similar client will call, extra data on the quantity of Past Counselling meetings will be noticeable to the Crystal gazer for giving the best-counselling administrations.

After a user log in, we keep track of all of the user's sessions and consults so that we can refer and recommend the best astrologers to the user so that they can get the best help with all of their questions. On our foundation, we utilize the email address of the client to give data about our forthcoming elements, refreshes, and so on.

We use the device's location to display the location's preferred currency and the country's payment gateway. We use IP locations to limit the general highlights of the stage for the client.

The Glitches and The Network advises users to avoid Call Disturbance and network glitches by being in a complete network and a silent location prior to making a call.

Updated Policy

Without prior notice, the Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time in light of new or updated features and capabilities. and its staff are not at all responsible for the users of the platform's data or information being lost in any way.

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