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Terms & Condition

Free Consent By visiting or continuing to visit, you are fully acknowledging that your acceptance of the various terms and conditions outlined on the website and in the disclaimer section of this agreement is complete and full-fledged. This Agreement constitutes a Contract between you (User/Astrologer) and reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time. You have completely acknowledged and comprehended with sound common sense with next to no outer power, official or some other tension, any kind of impact, or some other pressure at all on you, and you will thusly be completely limited by the terms referenced in the disclaimer as well as the terms referenced on the site. In addition, you agree that the sole court with jurisdiction to bring a lawsuit against you will be the court in NEW DELHI in the event of any dispute or disagreement arising out of your duties as a visitor to or in relation to the services provided by as described in this Agreement.


A user's or an astrologer's membership may be revoked for violating a Site rule. To use this website, you must be at least 18 years old and legally capable of entering into a contract in accordance with the laws of India and your home country. By using, you represent and warrant that you are competent to enter into this Agreement and that you will readily accept and abide by all of its terms and conditions. You additionally have consented to illuminate regarding your ensuing handicap/prerequisite/need to go into this understanding. reserves the right to modify, restrict, or terminate this Agreement at any time without prior notice or explanation.

Terms Of Termination

This Understanding will be going to stay in full impact and power while you are involving the administrations as an individual from the site You are free with the complete opportunity to end or drop your enrolment whenever according to your desire under any circumstance by giving data recorded as a hard copy to over the mail to end your participation. You will not be able to claim the unused amount in your account or access your content through after you terminate your membership, and we will not be obligated to do so. In such a case, reserves the right to revoke both your membership and your complete access to the Site for any reason we deem appropriate. We will do so by sending a notice to the email address you provided when you registered for your membership on — or any other email address you provide in the future—and for any reason we deem appropriate. Assuming in the event that is ending your participation because of the explanation of your penetrating this Arrangement, you will be entitled/neither permitted to guarantee nor we are at risk to pay any discount of any kind of unused Membership charges or sum accessible in your record or any happy accessible in your record. You will be bound by sections 5 through 12 of this Agreement even if this Agreement is terminated. At pretty much every time maintains whatever authority is needed to change/adjust/erase/eliminate/cease any Help or elements under any condition and to suspend or drop your membership/enrolment of utilizing administrations at any time. This kind of suspension or cancellation could happen without warning or because you acted inappropriately on Your ability to use to take advantage of the Service will immediately cease in the event of a service suspension or cancellation. Once your service is cancelled or suspended, you won't be able to access any information or data in your account. It may also be impossible to get it back later. You comprehend that may out of the blue, at its only carefulness, and without earlier notification to you, preclude or limit your admittance to the utilization of the site or related administrations.

Non-Commerical Use by Members

The Site is only intended for the personal use of individual members. Unless you are registered or appointed as an astrologer on the site, you may not use it for business purposes. This provides a number of links to other websites that are related to and may or may not be considered to be in competition with it. Any and all illegal, unauthorized, or illegal uses of this website, including unauthorized framing or linking to, will be investigated at any time without prior notice or information, and in the event of a finding, appropriate legal action, including but not limited to civil, criminal, or injunctive relief, will be taken. is free to recover 50 percent of your profit, benefit, or revenue, as well as the penalty, from whatever you make as revenue, benefit, or revenue. which you have expected, acquired, got, or may go to get in the future by the unapproved utilization of the site from your recipients, beneficiaries, replacements, doles out, and so on.

Other Terms for Members of

Whether you are a user or an astrologer, you are not permitted to solicit or advertise any other member to sell or buy services unless you are listed as an authorized advertising partner for, and you must only do so through team members. You are not permitted to send or share any letters, email chains, or spam emails with any other member. Any such messages that are brought to the attention of the team may be screened at any time. reserves the right to do so. Additionally, you may not be permitted to use any automated processes, such as IRC Bots, EXEs, CGI, or any other scripts or programs, to communicate, respond, connect, contact, or interact with other members of or regarding Content Posted on the Site. retains ownership of all proprietary rights, including all intellectual property rights in the Site and the Service. and its licensors' trademarks, copyrighted content, and other proprietary information can be found on the Site. You are not permitted to copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display, or sell any proprietary information, with the exception of information that is in the public domain or for which has granted you explicit permission. retains ownership of any and all messages, content, and other information you post on the forum boards that are lawful, legal, and non-objectionable (at its sole discretion). The sole authority to either remove, edit, or display any such information, content, or material posted on the forum boards is, which reserves the right to scrutinize all such information, content, and/or material. You should involve the Administration in a way reliable with all pertinent neighbourhood, state, or government regulations and guidelines.

Copyright Strategy

You can't post, disperse, or repeat in any capacity any protected material, brand names, or other restrictive data without acquiring the earlier composed assent of the proprietor of such exclusive privileges. The Privacy Policy governs how to use the Site and/or the Service. Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability When you use's services, you do so entirely at your own risk. Please be aware that's liability is strictly limited by this Agreement, and we do not offer guarantees regarding the services we provide via our website. Additionally, the solutions and consulting services are limited by this agreement. Astrologers from all over the world contribute their research, experience, and evolving knowledge to the field of consulting. You should not use any of the data, interpretations, consultations, or other forms of information you get from as a substitute for the advice and treatment you normally get from legal and law astrologers, financial astrologers, medical astrologers, or other authorized services. The consulting services provided by are based on the collective or individual knowledge, experience, and interpretations of astrologers, and as such, may vary from one astrologer to another. and its Astrologers, agents, affiliates, employees, officers, agents, partners, subsidiaries, and licensors do not provide any warranties of any kind, whether asked for or offered. This includes but is not limited to the services, consultation, advice, and suggestion offered through the medium

Astrologers on's panel may occasionally suggest that you use a Strategy, Approach, Scheme, Study, or other methods. These suggestions are made by the Astrologer in good faith based on his or her own thoughts and opinions; therefore, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees, partners, and licensors do not guarantee that the service will meet your needs; ii) The service will function without interruption, be secure, and be error-free; ( iii) the accuracy or dependability of the outcomes that may be obtained from using the service; ( iv) the reliability of any products, services, or data. or obtained from the service will satisfy your requirements, and (v) any software errors will be fixed; (vi) the provided information is relevant to your situation or can assist you in resolving your doubts or any other similar or distinct use case. You are expected to make a complete story about the profound, mental, and actual condition of the individual looking for exhortation from the Celestial prophet of with the goal that the Crystal gazer makes an educated judgment about offering guidance. When you download or access data in connection with using the services of the platform, does not assume any responsibility or liability for any kind of data loss or monetary loss, and you do so entirely at your own risk. Additionally, if there should be an occurrence of any harm to your PC, framework, PC, and so on. bears no responsibility whatsoever for this kind of loss.

Liability Limitations

Even if has been advised of the possibility of damages, you expressly understand and agree that and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees, agents, partners, and licensors will not be liable to you in any case whatsoever for any indirect, incidental, direct, special, exemplary, or consequential, damages, may including but not limited to damages of loss of profits, loss of goodwill, usage, Informational data, or other any other intangible losses, as a result of (i) the manner in which the particular consulting ii) any product, set of data, set of information, or other service purchased, procured, or obtained, messages received, or transactions entered into through or from the time of the service may result in the cost of purchasing suggested goods and services; ( iii) alterations or unauthorized access to your data or transmissions; iv) proclamations, counsel or idea of utilizing some other outsider administrations; or (v) any other service-related issue.

Despite anything in actuality contained in this, has no obligation to pay you for any purpose at all, and no matter what the type of the activity, will consistently be restricted to the sum paid, if any, by you to, for the help during the term of participation.


The opposing party must be notified of any claim regarding this agreement or related matters within six months of the claim's initial filing date. By using our consulting services, you also acknowledge and agree that the laws of India will apply to any and all disputes arising out of or related to the site or the consulting services. Additionally, you agree that the Indian courts in NEW DELHI will have sole jurisdiction over any and all such disputes.

Task might appoint this agreement to anyone regardless of notice to you. Your participation/contract/membership is non-transferrable and can't be allocated to anyone without getting earlier composed endorsement/assent from You forfeit all rights to such a transfer or assignment if you do not obtain's approval.

You agree to indemnify and hold, its subsidiaries, directors, affiliates, officers, agents, and other partners and employees harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand made by or for any third party due to or arising out of the use of your Service in violation of this Agreement and/or arising from a breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and/or any kind of breach of your any kind of representations and warranties set forth above. This indemnification includes paying reasonable attorney'

Dealings with Advertisers You and the advertiser are the only parties to any and all communications, correspondence, business dealings, participation in promotions, or advertising found on or through, including payment for services and any other terms, warranties, or representations associated with such dealings. You acknowledge and agree that shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from any such dealings or the presence of any such advertisers on the site. We recommend the client illuminate us quickly about any such promoter to at

Other You consent to receive specific emails and SMS by becoming a member of the Site or the Service.

The entire agreement between you and regarding the use of the Site and/or the Service is contained in this Agreement, which you accept upon using the Site and further affirmed by becoming a Member of the service. Additionally, every one of the Terms and States of this Arrangement will proceed/pertinent/suggest on you in full power and impact.

You are obligated to notify of any misuse or abuse of the Site in accordance with this Agreement. You are obligated to immediately notify via email at of any violation of this Agreement or any abuse or misuse of the Site that you observe. has the right to investigate any complaint it receives and, in the event that it determines that it is necessary to do so, it has the right to cancel the member's account and not issue a refund for their subscription fee. Any member who submits a false complaint is responsible for the termination of their membership without any claim for a refund of their subscription fee.

Counselling maintains whatever authority is needed to pull out administrations to any client is viewed as nonsensical or harmful during their discussion with a Soothsayer no matter what the explanation. will attempt to resolve any such issue, but if this is unsuccessful, customers will receive a written warning. If the same thing happens again, the customer who is to blame will not be able to use any services and will not be able to do business on In such a case, the customer will never receive a refund for any money in their wallet.

Teamcode Innovation Technology India Pvt. is the owner of the trademark. Ltd. By joining, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the aforementioned terms.

You can reach us at if you have any questions about this website.

Refunds and Cancellations is working on making this platform as authentic as possible for Astrologers and users alike. In this way, to keep up with the realness of, We recommend you enter your right information and reverify the equivalent prior to submitting it. The fact is that customers on — users or astrologers alike—will not be granted a refund if they provide false or incorrect information. However, we will take into account the modifications that need to be made if you send us an email at within an hour of registering on our platform.'s services are not meant to take the place of philosophical, emotional, or medical care. It is provided as a service here. holds no liability or obligation for the exactness of the counsel given to the client.

Call Advice

We advise the customer to check your availability and presence within the entire signal and network coverage area, as well as to ensure that you answer the phone when it rings. Any call once associated gets disengaged due to a terrible organization/signal, won't be discounted regardless at all.

Astrologer's Profile never promises guarantees or agrees to bring in new clients for the Astrologer. We are here to advance and smooth out your current clients and calls. We never guarantee the amount of money you will make at In addition, the Astrologer is solely responsible for promoting among their own clients in order to generate revenue, as bears no responsibility for generating revenue for the Astrologer. will deduct any applicable income tax from the Astrologer's earnings in accordance with applicable government laws.

Move to Bank

Astrologers at have complete discretion over when and how they wish to transfer the money they have earned to their own bank account.

Different Space Posting

At, we permit Stargazer to show him/her in Numerous counselling spaces in which they have a piece of decent information.

Additional Expenses

GST will be pertinent to the Enrolment Expenses of the Astrologer and TDS will be relevant to the acquiring of the Soothsayer and will be deducted at the hour of Moving the profit to the Bank.

Details / Subtleties of Astrologer

The Astrologer must enter all of his valid information in order to avoid having his Astrologer Account suspended. If the Astrologer Account is suspended, there will be no refund for the Astrologer's membership fee, earnings, or referrals because the Astrologer will no longer be able to use the account.

Counselling By Astrologer

At, when Astrologer is counselling the client By means of any medium Call, Talk, or Video Call- - - - - - - In such case Astrologer needs to guarantee that to the point Counselling regarding the questions of the client. Additionally, the Astrologer's account will be immediately suspended without refund and the Astrologer will not be able to access the account again in any circumstance if we discover a complaint or report regarding the Astrologer's providing of unnecessary or irrelevant consulting and if this occurs more than twice.

Transfer error

Before sending money to the bank, checks the Astrologer's account details with them. If the Astrologer transfers the wrong amount, is not responsible for the Astrologer's loss of money and will not offer any assistance or support in this situation. As Crystal Gazer is moving the sum in the record at their singular sole gamble as it were.

Responding online

We at value each person's time and expect others to do the same. Thus, astrologers need to guarantee that they answer every single call at whatever point they are on the web, as nothing influences their individual profile likewise the validity of, which won't be acknowledged anyway at all. If we observe an astrologer missing calls or not responding appropriately, the account of the astrologer will be immediately suspended without notice, and the astrologer will not be eligible for a referral or earnings refund. Additionally, the Astrologer will be required to pay a penalty of INR 10,000 plus GST for reactivating the account.

No Sharing of Personal Information

At, assuming any Client or Soothsayer is viewed as sharing his/her contact or individual subtleties, quickly the record of the individual will be suspended and no discount will be given regardless at all. Likewise, for this situation, the client or Celestial prophet will not be ready to guarantee a discount from

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